My guide to dressing boys

Linton Falls

 Having my first boy seven years ago (nearly), I was depressed by the quite frankly awful array of clothes and shoes available for boys in the 'obvious' places, so I decided that I would spend time sourcing beautiful clothes and it led me to discovering small independent shops and brands. 

Fortunately times have changed and the High Street is getting better, but a child's wardrobe is always improved by adding some quality, beautifully made items from smaller independent brands where possible too and mixing it up.


What to invest in?

I'm a passionate believer that you get what your pay for, and there are certain items which I'll always spend more on, that they'll last a lot longer and stand up to regular washing (which in my house is a frequent activity). 

1. Mini Rodini Coats

A quality coat really will stand the test of time, and I cannot recommend Mini Rodini coats  enough. They have been worth every penny, have great resale value and can be passed on to the next child looking as new, even after hundreds of visits to the washing machine, and our current coats have lasted through two years of growth spurts. My younger son preferred a patterned style, whereas my older boy chose the plan black version this year.

You'll find Mini Rodini coats in many online retailers, and Cubs Cartel currently have them with 40% in their sale. 

Mini Rodini coat

2. Sweatshirts

Good sweat tops are an essential. I team them often with high-street bottoms, but buying sweatshirts from smaller brands guarantees that A. You're unlikely to see loads of kids wearing the same, B. The designs have integrity, C. You get quality and an item that will wash and wear all year round and is designed to be passed down.

Felix's favourite item of clothing is his sweat from Main Story.

This new British brand is full of gender neutral, muted, stylish basics in fashion forward shapes. This sweat is oversized, comfortable and he'll wear it as outerwear over the summer months.

Main Story
Felix wears hat and sweatshirt from Main Story

Felix wears hat and sweatshirt from Main Story

Keeping with earthy tones, Barney has lived in his sweatshirts from Gro at Cubs Cartel, and his Bobo Choses fisherman sweater. I always choose colours that will tone well together and with denim. Again, they wash and wear well and can be passed down and worn for years.

Gro from Cubs Cartel.

Gro from Cubs Cartel.

3. T-shirts 

Tees are worn all year round on a daily basis (unless they are wearing their school uniform) and buying two or three really decent t-shirts each season is the easiest way to update a boys wardrobe. 

Barney has lived in his long sleeve t-shirt from Main Story this Autumn/Winter which he chose in the wave style, but we also love the oversized grid and tiger print. 

Main Story

One of the softest tees we've ever owned is a rib style of Barneys which is Mar Mar Copenhagen from Cubs Cartel. Barney suffers from severe eczema so he adores wearing it. The ribbed style looks fantastic with his Mini Rodini dungarees (also from Cubs Cartel).

Mix tees with sweat oants, leggings or dungarees- Zara, Arket and Cos all do some quality simple basics. Sticking with independents? then try Main Story and Beau Loves for contemporary shaped sweatpants and joggers, or Mini Rodini and Tiny Cottons for quality jersey leggings.

Linton Falls
Linton Falls
cubs cartel
Linton Falls

Barney wears Sweat by Gro, dungarees by Mini Rodini from Cubs Cartel.

Felix wears Minis Rodini Coat, and hat from Main Story.

Shot on location at Linton Falls, Grassington and Ripley Castle.