Let's Play

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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We moved house last year from a Victorian Town House to a mid century semi, but the main reason for moving was to give our growing family a garden and a place outdoors to play.

Having three lively children, a garden was definitely a priority, and we inherited a south facing plot of lawn and patio. I was determined to treat the children to some quality outdoor toys, and the first thing I bought for them was a mud kitchen from Plum Play UK.

plumplay mud kitchen

Since getting the Mud Kitchen, the children have played with it through Autumn and Winter and have had so much fun with it. It comes complete with metal pots and pans, and a planter which we filled with herbs.

plum play

The benefits to the children playing outside through the seasons has had such a positive impact on their behavior. They are happier and feel satisfied when they've been outside and as a Mother, I feel that time outside away from screens is so beneficial. 

After the success of the Mud Kitchen we recently welcomed the Adventure Playhouse to the garden too. It's incredibly sturdy and the perfect hideaway for the little rascals. It has a slide and plenty of room for all three children to play imaginatively inside the space. We decorated it with Velveteen Babies garlands (not suitable to be left outdoors) and battery powered outdoor lights. 

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As well as the obvious reasons of popping the loud restless children outdide to play,  there are several health benefits too- improved vision, breathing fresh air which promotes a healthy body, more vitamin D, longer attention spans, improved social skills and boosted learning.

(source: activebeat.co)

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So happy healthy kids = happy parents, and for me, investing in beautiful, considerately designed play equipment for the garden that will be loved for years to come is for more important than buying yet more plastic or indoor toys that are quickly discarded.

Plum Play are currently running a fabulous giveaway to win  a Create Your Own Springsafe Trampoline and 2 Fitbit Zips. Head over to https://goo.gl/UTZzJz to enter and be in with a chance.

Plum Play Discovery Mud Kitchen