The story of Velveteen Babies

When I had my second child, I felt that I needed a personal project to give me a sense of identity. At this time I had discovered Instagram, and the inspiration it gave me for designing my then little ones nursery.

Back then it was quite a different world, not many interior brands in kids design existed, and at the time, monochrome was a huge trend but there wasn’t much actually ‘out there’ to buy.

I began by making Barney a little cloud to hang over his bed with monochrome drops, followed by a few ‘babies’ which were little felt ‘people’ dressed in monochrome outfits.

After making a few and sharing them in my feed, many friends started to ask me to make some for them, and the rest is history!


I named the brand ‘Velveteen Babies’ after making these little doll toys, and as I loved the sentiment of ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ the brand name emerged. I’m not sure I’d name it that today if I could think u a new brand name, but as its so well known now, it has stayed with me.

As well as all the hours I spend hand creating my mobiles, garlands and decorations, a huge massive passion of mine is styling, and I come from a visual merchandising background.

I style virtually all my posts in our home, which we are still renovating. It’s an incredible pressure to present different ‘looks’ using just three children’s areas which are all really small, but sometimes the best work comes from working with a challenge! I absolutely ADORE working with other design led businesses and incorporating their work into my schemes. I am passionate about supporting other small businesses and sharing products that I know my followers will love and appreciate as much as I do.


I feel incredibly lucky and fortunate to be able to do this as my ‘job’ and work around my family, producing beautiful things that people appreciate the world over. It’s an absolute privilege.