Mothers Day gifts

Thanks for everything Mum (I totally 'get it' now)

'A Mother who radiates self love and self acceptance actually vaccinates her children against low self esteem.' 

-Naomi Wolf


I have a vivid memory of being around 5 years old, sat in a dark storeroom surrounded by fashion mannequins and thinking it was all a wonderful adventure.

What I didn't realise at the time was that I was probably off school with a bug, and that my Mum had probably had to take me to work with her (she taught Fashion Design at the time), and she was probably feeling frazzled and a bit stressed out about the situation. 

As a working Mum myself, I now 'get it'.

I count myself very lucky to have an incredibly supportive Mum who has always done everything she can to help me. I was adopted at birth and she has raised me to believe in myself and surrounded muself and my brother (and now my children) with security and unconditional love.

She retired soon after I had my eldest child (no coincidence I'm sure) and it has led to my children enjoying a unique and special relationship with her and my Dad. I found the early days of first time Motherhood quite lonely, and she was always the first to come and scoop myself and baby Felix up and take us out for much needed coffee and cake.


Roll on 7 years, and two more children, I know I couldn't have entertained the idea of having a family of 5 without her help and guidance. She helps with childcare so that I can develop my business and is my post run queen. She has a magical relationship with each of the children and has a lovely bond with Willa who is her little sidekick.

Every Mothers Day I like to spoil her rotten now that I'm in the fortunate position to do so, a way of saying Thank You for all the millions of ways that she helps us.


Luckily notonthehighstreet has so many original, thoughtful gift ideas from the UK’s best small creative business.  

Celebrating my amazing Mum means so much to me and the kids, I really do like her to feel spoilt and that some time, thought and care has gone in to her gifts and card.


Mothers Day falls this year on Sunday 11th March. This pennant and so many more thoughtful gifts and cards are over at . 

Thanks to my amazing Mum, I totally 'get' it now.